Herbal Business Articles What is immunity?

January 14th, 2013, 05:01:51

What is Immunity?Immuno-concentration 30X White

This may be defined as the body’s ability to identify and resist large numbers of infectious and potentially harmful microorganisms, enabling the body to prevent or resist diseases and inhibit organ and tissue damage. Without the immune system, death from infection would be inevitable. Its cells and molecules maintain constant surveillance for infecting organisms.

The immune system is not confined to any one part of the body. Immune stem cells, formed in the bone marrow, may remain in the bone marrow until maturation or migrate to different body sites for maturation. Subsequently, most immune cells circulate throughout the body, exerting specific effects. The immune system has two distinct but overlapping mechanisms with which to fight invading organisms, the antibody-mediated defense system (humoral immunity) and the cell-mediated defense system (cellular immunity)

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