Herbal Business Services

Our agriculture team is always engaged in providing the information about Cultivation of medicinal plants. We consider the urgent need of improvements and developments in the agricultural sector as it is the chief employment to for livelihood in the rural area. Our Agricultural information center performs the following tasks:

    • To study the soil and underground type
    • To train people to adopt the medicinal &aromatic crops according to their soil and water quality.
    • To convey the various Govt schemes on the cultivation, harvesting, storage of the medicinal and other crops.
    • To study the market demand – production patterns and guide the farmers accordingly.
    • To make the farmers aware through audio-visual methods.
    • Perform other activities in the adjoining rural regions with the help of animators of the society and to promote cultivation of medicinal herbs in the drought prone area.
    • To help farmers and buyers by providing a platform, by organizing seminars, workshops etc. Helps the people to obtain the products of naturally available trees in the desert.
    • To assist farmers to get better prices to the farmers and to make videos for the training of farmers.

We provide complete solution for procurement of raw material, formulation development, setting up testing parameters, cultivation of medicinal plants, setting up extraction units, extraction of phytoconstituents, etc. We also provide consultancy services for development of nutraceutical products, biofertilizers, biopesticides and animal nutrition formulations.