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Herbal Business

Herbal Bussiness is a division of Wisdom Creations & Communications to promote the development of a medicinal plant industry in India through providing a platform for sharing of information on trading of medicinal plant species where medicinal plant growers can find out of market opportunities connect with potential buyers for their crops. Buyers can identify growers with whom to contract for production. Both growers and buyers can access educational and research resources to support them in their business efforts.

We are committed to provide all round solutions for grower which includes training and advice on Good Agriculture and Collection Practices for Medicinal Plants and Trade support to get better price of their sweat.

Facilities for traders which includes procurement of raw material, formulation development, setting up testing parameters, cultivation of medicinal plants, setting up extraction units, extraction of phytoconstituents, etc. development and analysis of Ayurvedic, Herbal, Nutraceutical, Dietary Supplement, Plant Extract, cosmeceutical products, Establishing analytical parameters (Standardization), Stability profiling, pre clinical and clinical research, technical information like method development, dossier and literature writing and personnel training for analysis.



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